Today is all about the move-up homes.  There’s a bunch of awesome 2300-3300 sq.ft. family homes with double garages, great finishes and solid locations in today’s list.  Well-priced too.  So if you’re running out of room in your townhouse or semi-detached, this is the video for you.

Plus, we’ll talk about well water in the rural areas, and I’m going to do another plug for the Buyer Class on Thursday night at 7 PM.  Sign up using this link.  We’ll show you how to buy a home with zero down, how to get up to $10,000 (or more) of free government money to buy your first home, what home inspectors look for, how to qualify for the best mortgage rates, how to guarantee your agent will protect you, and lots more.  Bring a food bank donation, that’s your admission.  We’ll give you a 56-page guide to take home with you.  The BEST part?  Local councillor Colin Best is coming for a special session on the future of Milton.  Have a look at the video we did a few months ago… he’s a rock star.

Oh, and Sal’s Barber Shop at Derry and Thompson… delightful.

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