One of today’s homes looks like it includes a Food Watching Area!  How cool is that.  🙂  Just kidding.  Anyways, 19 listings coming off the weekend, including two awesome and very well-priced homes on Gifford and Holmes, plus a penthouse unit at 100 Millside overlooking the Town, a really big family home on Randall with all of the mechanicals updated (that will probably sell for more than asking), and like we always find in a big list, there are some pictures that make me shake my head.  🙂

Finally… if you’d like a customized list of homes sent to you, just send us an email with your criteria — we can set up a daily search with only listings that match what you’re looking for… either as a complement to the Daily Homes episodes, or as the upgrade to your search.  And we’re having a Buyer Class on Thursday – sign up HERE.  Cheers!

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