Today we’ll talk more about the land on the east side of Ontario, north of Laurier, with the boarded up homes.  We touched on this area briefly with yesterday’s listing on Valleyview.  An application has been made by Bucci Homes for townhouses, not the “place of worship” that some folks thought.  The rumour mill, once again, is full of crap.  LOL!  Thanks to friend of the show Colin Best, for separating fact from fiction yet again.

One of today’s homes on Miltonbrook Crescent is impossible to find anywhere except the Town Maps… here’s a link to the best map available, even better than Google Maps.  Be sure to bookmark it … it will come in very handy in your search.  We’ll talk about the benefits of a Tour of Homes in today’s episode, plus my pick of the day is a tie between the gorgeous semi-detached on Whetham, and the potential hidden gem on Governors in the hot Dorset Park area.  And two mystery homes that sold last year are back on the market, and the “why” is anybody’s guess…

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