Boy, there are a few homes where I wish I could sound my conch shell and scream from the hills… “Buy this one!”  The Quincy Corner on Barr is definitely the best deal of the day.  Double garage, four bedrooms, and good finishes for only $480k.  The same exact model has been going for $500k-$530k in the last few months.  Wow.

And in other news, I would also encourage you to think more long-term.  For example, the townhouse on Attenborough is about 100-200 square feet larger than anything else in the same range.  It looks basic, but put a few grand in hardwood and watch what happens.  It’s priced to sell.

Along the way, we’ll see blurry photos, poorly doctored images, and a bunch of stuff that makes me wonder, “Does any of this move the sellers closer to their goal?”  Lots of homes in today’s list around $600k, but I’m only really feeling the ones on McNeil and McCandless.

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