Not only is it hurricane season, but I had a hurricane of activity last week. I got behind on episodes, and by the end of the week I was waving a white flag.

So to catch up, I chose twenty of my favourite properties from the last week, and pulled them together in a handy list.

There’s a four-bedroom on Ontario Street for less than $400k with wheelchair access that’s begging to be updated. Once it’s done, it will be worth more than a smart renovation would cost.

Costigan still has a sideways picture, and 1224 McDowell is still one of the best deals on the market for $599k. We’ll see two of Timberlea’s finest streets (Anderson and Clements), and I’ll talk about the high condo fees on Millside, and why it’s not such a big deal. The lobby looks WAY better than it used to look.

Lots of action in this episode, and hopefully we’re back to a regular schedule.

Be sure to check out this video about changing mortgage rates that we filmed last week.

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