If you look outside right now, some snow drifts are taller than you and I… yet one of today’s listings shows lovely green grass.  I wonder what goes through a buyer’s mind as they see these listings.  I’m sure many of them must think that the home has been listed for a long time.  And that’s not the kind of impression you want to start with.  So always a good idea to keep photos current.  If you have a grass backyard shot because of your nice landscaping, make sure the front has the look of what someone would see outside.

Plus we’ll talk about buying a home with tenants, and the home on Woodward for under $450k in Dorset Park with upgrades looks like a steal.  Don’t wait for the photos, just go see it!  It’s between Woodward and the well-priced semi on Harris for Chuck Pick of the Day ™.

Good feedback on the new map search tool, here it is again if you missed it.  And here’s a link to the Mattamy Plan 6 we mentioned.  Still a favourite with our team!

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