Today I’m dressed like a grown-up because I did a keynote presentation at my old office.  While I was there, I saw Kevin Cochrane, who is a Dragon’s Den winner for his EnRICHed Academy DVD’s to teach kids money lessons.  Their new product is wonderful, it’s called the DragonBank.

Today there are 21 listings, and it’s a solid day.  I’ll show you how to predict where a for sale sign might pop up, plus we have one of the nicest looking homes I’ve seen this year (and it’s NOT the $3.75 million home).  Along the way, I’ll talk about the hidden costs when you buy a home at the 15-18 year mark, plus the costs to build a home from scratch.  And the new map search for the new site is live – check it out.  The name and password you leave will also unlock the videos, so no more password every time once the new website is launched.  Enjoy!