Grab your glow sticks and put on a light show! This episode is brought to you by the “raved out” floor plan on Fourth Line!

Also, Babcock changed their price by $100 and doubled their exposure – find out what we mean in the video. It could be a good opportunity, and it’s a detached home selling for less than some townhouses. Finding anything detached for $550k these days is almost impossible, so I’m sure they’ll attract a lot of interest.

Check out the photo angles and lighting in today’s episode. While they may be “professional” photos, there are subtle differences between good and great. I pay attention to these things, because they can make or break a sale for a seller.

And if you feel like buying a home without seeing the inside, check out the home on Joyce. They will only let you inside if you make an offer. I can feel the electricity on this listing… and it makes me want to boogie.

Frobisher gets pick of the day for being in a hot area with a nice home, big lot and pool. Winter Crescent is also a strong contender for top title of the day… it’s a good list.

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