Sometimes in the real estate business, you get a sense of which way the wind is blowing with the slightest actions in the market. I’ll share more in the video, but there was a home that I feel would have received many offers a month ago… and they only had one on Monday.

That sale could directly impact a home in today’s list.

Also, there could be a secret fourth bedroom in the Pitfield home that could open it up to a brand new audience and potentially push the prices up.

Most people THINK that four-bedroom homes are worth more than three-bedroom homes, but my experience generally shows that the value is based more on the overall size than how the rooms are split up. Some people would rather have three larger bedrooms in the same floor plan instead of four smaller bedrooms.  So it goes in the condo townhouses… it’s not necessarily the extra bedroom, but it’s more about the extra size that creates value.

Finally, Pettit could check all the boxes for a move-up buyer – larger lot, double garage, finished basement, four bedrooms – right in the middle of the Clarke neighbourhood. Pricing seems good, although if they added $100… then they would really light it up!

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