It’s a quiet day today… only four properties from the entire weekend.

We start off with two condos, and end with a double garage detached home with a pool on one of my favourite streets in Timberlea.

I also like the way the agent disclosed the age of many of the components of the house, and did a home inspection before listing. If there’s competition for a home, it’s much easier removing your home inspection condition knowing that SOMEONE did the inspection.

It’s not ideal, but in some cases it’s the only way you can win in multiple offers.

And because the pool isn’t open, and won’t be until the buyer takes possession… the best option is to see if it was professionally closed, and to make a call to the company who has been maintaining the pool. There’s a good chance that a new liner and pump mean someone was paying attention to the other moving parts.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings a few more listings… this has been one of the lowest January months for inventory that I can ever remember.