No episode yesterday because there was nothing to show you!  Well, technically Rayner came out, but I carried it forward to today’s list.

The bungalow on Cabot has something in the basement that would be an incredibly fun way to pass the time. See for yourself in today’s video!

Strong day for bungalows with another one on Elmwood that we’ve covered in a previous episode as a “flip”. This is the third try at pricing, each with $10k+ price drops, and I have a feeling that the third time will be a charm, given recent sales.

But the real highlight to me is the detached home on Beaver for $450,000 (listing link here). Yes, you could certainly choose to do some work in the kitchen and floors… but when you compare this detached home on a big lot to the small townhouses at this price point… to me, something like Beaver just makes a lot more sense, especially if you’re comfortable managing a few reno projects.

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