We didn’t send anything out yesterday because Annette was ill.  So today will basically wrap up three days of listings with 30 properties!

Highlights from the day include the bungalow on 1/2 acre on Guelph Line for $450k, and I like the Quincy Corner on Jackman.  From the second link at the end of the video, I think that the townhouse on Childs at $299k is more than I’d expect for that price.

I’m not sure I’d pay $499k for the townhouse on Andrews Trail, but I’m also seeing quite a lot of people who are putting a lot of weight into the square footage when buying.  Even the $599k semi-detached seems pretty ambitious.

Anyway, I’ll sort the wheat from the chaff and give you a bit of perspective on some of the properties that might be better deals and ones that may be aiming a little high.

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