As I mentioned in the start of the video, my friend John Barrett, a local financial planner, is running a special session tomorrow night at 7:00 pm in northwest Mississauga tomorrow night.  The topic is, “What is happening with the Markets, Investors, Governments and the Economy?” with a panel of experts.  No cost to attend, and he said there’s no selling just really good information.  If you want more information, email me or call John at 905-878-0007 for details.

There are a couple of zingers in today’s list.  Featherstone is an outstanding deal at $439k for basically a 4-bedroom detached home with a finished basement.  The home on Field is well-upgraded for the price, and McEastern is another outstanding Quincy Corner in the mid-$500’s.

We’ll discuss future expansion of Milton and how a few streets might change over the years.  Finally, isn’t it nice when different appliances all get along and live in harmony?  Some old friends stop by to sing a song.

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