Today I’ll discuss why a $900 difference in pricing for one of today’s homes will lose HALF of their exposure.  Is it worth the risk?  Not to me…

So it’s always important to remember the “brackets” in real estate.  On, it’s $25k increments up to $500k, then $50k increments after that.

Plus, there’s a four-bedroom condo townhouse (rare), and an unbelievable home on a big lot with a pool and nicely finished basement.  It’s the dream come true for a “move up” family.  And we’ll also chat about what happens when the same model as you starts to go into freefall and lower all the prices.  Do you hold your ground, or do you chase them?  If you can get past my shimmering glow of paleness, accented by a light coloured shirt, then go ahead and watch today’s episode!  🙂

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