One of the things that’s absolutely true about real estate in the year 2013 is that you won’t sell a house if you don’t get someone excited online.  The logical stuff doesn’t work.  Agents and their clients (but really it’s mostly about the agents) need to appeal on an emotional level, which means speaking about not just features, but benefits.  For example, an Energy Star certification is a feature.  The benefit is that it SAVES MONEY every month on the bills.  Emotional appeal means rich colours and high-quality photography.  Some of these guys just don’t get it.

But… there are some standouts in today’s list, including a nice 2-bedroom condo backing onto greenspace, plus the cheapest double garage 4-bedroom home in town, and a great classic move-up detached home in Timberlea with an inground pool.  Oh, and the Croftside townhouse at $369k looks good too.  We’ll talk about what will most likely be Milton’s finest neighbourhood 25 years from now, and why there’s a buyer for every home (even if it’s not me or you).  Enjoy!  There are 33 in total in today’s list.

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