Stewart Crescent is arguably one of the best streets in town but that’s not the only reason I chose it for Pick of the Day. The lot is deeper than most in Old Milton, and it has a nice layout, solid finishes and a stone and stucco exterior.

Broadway, Sloan and Potts also get very high marks, Lyle is back on the market after a deal fell apart, and Wettlaufer is looking to make a splash in the upper part of the price range. I think they’ll do it, especially because they have the secret weapon for getting above $1 million.

For the worst photos of the week (so far), check out the condo on Costigan.

Finally, as we mention in the beginning of the video, we do work in many other communities outside of Milton, or there’s a good chance we know someone good in most of Ontario and a lot of areas in Canada. The team just sold a Toronto semi-detached for $80,000 over asking, and a Mississauga double garage for $91,000 over asking… good marketing and a solid strategy work anywhere.

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