I’ve been pretty upset by the loss of Prince, and wanted to play one of his songs for today’s episode.  Instead of video commentary, let’s just listen and enjoy.  For some more great purple music, check out this mix.

By the way, the song is probably a fitting theme for the episode.  If you’re going to buy Woodley, Thompson, Farlow, and especially Randall, you may be kissing your money goodbye, because they’re all looking like they will sell quickly for at least what they’re asking (probably more).

Bonus points to Laidlaw for having the Stormtrooper in the corner.  That’s what I call staging!  (I’m a huge Star Wars fan)

Somerville is also really nice, and the pool looks like you could touch both sides with your hands and feet.  🙂  Still, it must be nice to take a dip after a long day.  Same floor plan a few streets away sold for close to this price without a pool, so they have a really good shot at doing well, maybe even cracking the seven-figure mark if the stars line up.


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