I’m trying something new today with filming today’s episode through the iPad.  Never done it before… certainly a lot different!

I look at properties all day on the iPad in my normal life, and I love how you can pinch and zoom things in real-time. It might make the edits a little bit easier, which means the delivery to you becomes faster.

In today’s list, a surprising number of homes are NOT holding back on offers, which is a refreshing change. I think we may be settling into the summer rhythm of a less “white hot” market, and a little bit more balance, which should be good news for buyers.

There are a couple of good deals here, including Prosser and Bowring.  Especially Prosser, because they’re one of the homes not holding back on offers!  Oh, and here are the two from the Oakville-Milton MLS, including the ridiculous sideway picture on Andrews Trail.  Yes, we have two MLS systems in Milton for brokers, and yes it’s a pain in the butt.  But it’s the only way to access real-time information.

Let me know what you think of today’s video. Maybe this format will become the norm?

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