This episode is being published late because I filmed it, and then immediately went to bed. 🙂

Landsborough should fetch more than $599k. What many of these homes ACTUALLY sell for is a different story. It used to be that you could look at the history from the last few months and guess with reasonable accuracy how much a home would sell for.

But in 2017, we’re seeing $30k jumps between sales… which makes it really hard to predict.

A buyer may lose five properties in a row, and then drop a HUGE hammer for number six to make sure they get it. Maybe someone really needs to buy because they sold, or because of a relocation… and they end up cranking the price up quite a bit.

Waldie had some traffic relief when Trudeau connected to James Snow Parkway, but it got more when Croft connected to Laurier. Looking ahead, it will likely connect with the Derry Green Business Park and increase traffic in the next few years again.

And Biason… 12 days? More is not always better. There’s a magic formula to holding back on offers, and 12 is definitely out of range. Buyers will divert and choose other properties. Watch the video for more advice.