I forgot to add Phil Soper’s most recent comments about the market in yesterday’s episode, but it’s there now.

We’re flipping the script today by starting with the home on Court Street on the ORTIS list – fully renovated, detached and lots of old school charm for $825,000.

Then we’ll take a look at a big lot in a central downtown location.  But wait… you want to build on it?  NO WAY.  (Well, that’s not entirely true, but anything you build would look like an army bunker, and you would need to jump through lots of hoops).  I’ll show you why in today’s episode.

Patterson just launched with a new price, and it’s the same lovely end-unit townhouse.  The trees are nice and mature, and you can tell right away when you walk up to the front door that the owners have taken really good care of it.  $615,000 makes it one heck of a deal.

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