I thought I’d change it up a bit by heading down to my basement. Had a “work from home” day that included some of my favourite records.

Tonight we have a great Buyer Class, and the next one should be in September. August is a pretty chill month, so we try to avoid doing anything until “real-life” begins after the kids go back to school.

But you’re always welcome to sit down one-on-one with us and chat about your plans anytime.

Today there’s a couple of decent options out of the 11 properties in the list. I didn’t talk about Ontario Street, but anytime you can get more than a half an acre in town… that’s pretty sweet. Streets like Halton, Campbell, Parkway, Given Lane and some of the older streets downtown have the largest lots in town… and wouldn’t it be nice to own the land as Milton continues to grow? I think so, too.

When this town grows to the size of Oakville, I bet there are people that are going to kick themselves for not picking up lots like Barton for less than $1 million.

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