So Roseheath is live now.  Here’s the link again.  I saw it last night, and it’s much larger than Coulson, with better finishes.

And we also listed a really nice townhouse in Brampton backing onto greenspace for $375,000.  Here’s that link.

Today is the return from illness and a real estate law course.  And what better way to celebrate than a good, honest discussion about incentives in a real estate listing.

Now let’s be clear:  I advocate any method that works when it comes to marketing ethically in order to achieve the best possible result for a client.  Maybe I’m wrong here.  Maybe not.  But I always try to see things like a consumer, and I think when a higher price is set with an “incentive” or “credit” given up front… my mind immediately thinks that it should just be knocked off the price.

Plus, I feel like it’s admitting fault when there may not be any.  Are the carpets in horrible condition?  Maybe somebody would love the carpets… in which case, the buyer just got a FREE shot at knocking down the price by $2,500.

It also begs the question… why wouldn’t the seller just change the carpets on their own?  Flooring is known to be one of the best return-on-investment improvements you can make in your home.  Could you take $2,500 and turn it into $5,000?  Possibly.  I’ve seen it happen many times.  I think at worst you would break even AND make it easier to sell the home.

Personally, I would rather be on the receiving end of an improvement that makes money instead of a buyer.

But… sometimes timelines, situations or budgets don’t always allow for that.  I’ve seen that happen many times as well.

People say things like, “What if I choose a colour that the buyer doesn’t like?”  Well, I’m pretty sure that there are *almost* universally tasteful and acceptable choices, especially with a certain tone of paint, plus the colour of tiles, kitchen and staircase and current design trends… you can find the BEST fit choice for the home, and it’s often the one that Buyers would choose, too.

I also think that any text in a real estate photo distracts from the intended subject, which is the HOME.  Also, people can be an unnecessary distraction… as we saw a few days ago with the dude putting on his shoes.

This is one of those days where it’s okay to agree to disagree.  There are lots of examples of decisions agents and sellers need to make about marketing – mostly about being open and upfront about “warts”, or trying to get more showings through the door by keeping some things secret?  Holding back on offers, or offers anytime?  List on a Monday or a Wednesday?

It’s a delicate balance where we rely on experience, gut feel and the teamwork decisions with our sellers to come up with the best plan for their success.

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