I’m really excited for tonight’s Buyer Class, I think we’ll have a great group.  I didn’t really market this one, but it filled up fast.  Special guest local and regional councillor Colin Best joins us.  I’ll try to get a bit of footage.

Today we’ll get into some advanced property research, including the GIS map and the zoning by-laws.  There’s a ton of stuff online if you know where to look.  Plus I’ll talk about why one of today’s properties would never truly have a “legal” apartment setup.  Oh, and I’ll reveal the findings from a study that shows the number one thing buyers want.

Favourite pick of the day is 280 Holmes, with a private yard.  Over and over, we’ve seen the value in having privacy from neighbours.  I’ve broken the top sale ever in Milton a few times, and every single time the house either backed onto a forest, or it had a huge property.


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