What an interesting weekend, including a revisit to a house with a rodent problem, a long-time client who said no to a house and then decided yes, and my clients trying to change a closing date but the seller hates his agent so much he refuses to talk to him anymore.  Sometimes this stuff is really better than you see on TV.  Honestly… 🙂

Today we’ve got another excellent condo townhouse option under $300k.  And I’ll show you how to spot a clue about a seller’s motivation.  Along the way, we’ll see jumbled photo galleries, hidden double garages, and a listing that says “detached” but it’s really NOT.  Oh, and I forgot to mention the heated floors on Laurier.  If you’ve never experienced heated floors, it is delightful.  And we have two absolutely spectacular “better than model home” homes today… one of just smashed the record for townhouse pricing and sold as I was recording the video!

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