Be sure to check out the new article we wrote about MLS listings… and why we made a very conscious decision to avoid any search tools on this website. You might be surprised to see first-hand how many listings you might be missing out on!

We start off with a bang – Wilson might be the nicest condo townhouse I’ve seen in more than 1,300 episodes of MDH spanning more than six years. What makes the difference? It’s actually not the money spent. I feel like many of the previous sales invested similar sums. It’s the finishes – the little details, and the taste involved.

I don’t do ANYTHING without running it by a talented designer first. If you need some recommendations, let me know. If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur. That goes for selling homes too. 🙂

Today’s episode is meaningful for me, because one of the agents’ daughters asked me to help sell their family home because the father wasn’t getting the job done. I was flattered, but out of respect I declined. Plus, Gowling has the same layout as the first home we bought in Milton, and two of my absolute favourite people and clients have put their home BACK on the market on Racey. It’s still a great deal, even if we dialed the price up a bit.

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