I just can’t figure out what’s going on with 20 Fulton.  Here’s a brief history:  It was purchased in February 2014 for $340,000.  Then sold a few months later in July of the SAME year for $329,000.  Then it listed for $428,000 in May 2015, adjusting to $399,999, and then last week they slashed the price to $299,900.

Now it’s in today’s list for $374,900.  And so… we have our theme music for the day (see the video).  I thought yesterday’s photos were the strangest thing we would see this week, but this has me completely baffled.

52 Anne was definitely a stand-out when I was browsing the list.  Double garage, nice finishes, and a big 60 x 120 foot lot.  Price looks good for the area.  And there are some lovely architectural features on Guelph Line for $799k.  Lots of competition right now in the rural areas between $600k and $1 million.  One of my favourites is the home on Bell School Line with incredible views of the town on 1.07 acres.

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