I don’t know what’s up with the appliances in this video, but it’s very simple… make sure they match!  In the big picture, it’s probably not a very expensive proposal, but the kitchen is truly the most important room in your house.  Imagine the conversations that are happening as buyers tour the house… “Well honey, there’s $10,000 of new appliances we’ll have to spend.”  You don’t want that dialogue, because it usually means lower offers and less “emotional” attachment to your home.

We’ll also talk about basement square footage versus main and second floor square footage (and the value of each), plus one of my favourite homes I’ve seen in a while on Stewart Crescent.  I’m revising my initial estimate and I’ll say it’s a touch high on price, but that yard is insanely good.  And if you’ve ever seen the homes on Stewart, you know it’s one of the best locations and streets in town.

Finally, don’t miss tomorrow’s Buyer Class – spaces are filling up fast!  Register here.

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