What a lovely day! There’s a handful of homes in todays list that are really good deals … the semi on Raftis and the end-unit Croftside stand out in my mind.

But first, I’ll bust out my trusty calculator and show you if the one bedroom on Costigan would be a “good investment” if you kept the current tenant at the current lease rate.  How long will they stay? It would be nice to know…

I’ll also tell you how I really feel about a condo building in town. Get ready for a burnt bridge.

Laundon Terrace is one of my favourite floor plans, it’s got great curb appeal… with a basement on top?

11350 Fourth Line has something in the back yard that you just don’t see everyday … a water slide!  Just be sure to write in the agreement to remove the strangely placed pictures. Still, this one is lovely, and they’ve got it at the right price now.

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