We’ve come under attack quite a few times here at MDH because we’re not afraid to take a stance and to have an opinion. If we don’t think it’s a good idea to pursue a property, we’ll tell you.

When it comes time to look at homes, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who isn’t afraid to tell you, “Don’t buy this…” or to suggest hitting the brakes if the multiple offers are getting too high?  That’s what we’re about, and it’s why we remain so passionate about doing these episodes nearly six years after our first one (you can go back and see the original ones, including the “bedroom” series that I used to film in my home office, in the Episodes tab).

Today, we’ll predict the sale price for a home that’s probably purposefully under-listed, and the Pick of the Day comes to us from Dorset Park… where you can scoop a deal on a nice big lot before the warm weather arrives.

And even when I’m hard on a property, there’s usually always a positive.  For example, the home on Bennett has a basement suite that could put $1,300 back in your pocket every month.  That’s like cutting your mortgage down by about $250,000… and when you examine it through that lens, maybe THAT makes it a good deal.

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