Cavanagh and Brassard are the same floor plan.  The former is $429k and holding back on offers, the latter is $459k with offers anytime.

I say this all the time to people… that the asking price of a home has simply become a marketing tool.  It often has nothing to do with the value of a home (which I believe is somewhere in between those two goalposts).

But it brings up an interesting strategy dilemma.  Do you try to negotiate with Brassard, knowing that the offer date on Cavanagh is approaching and they could sell for more or less than your final negotiated price?

Same type of situation with Burrows and Prosser.  Same model, both with finished basements, nearly the same price.  Burrows is taking offers on October 23rd, Prosser on the 25th.  Do you wait for the second option, or try for the first (assuming you like both equally)?

That’s where the help and advice of somebody you trust is so important.

Joyce Boulevard didn’t have any luck in the $800’s… as expected.  The first digit being a “7” will open them up to a new range of shoppers.

Oh, and don’t miss the radioactive photos on Duncan.  Someone must have mixed some plutonium in with the building supplies.

[Fun fact:  Plutonium was used to power time machines until the release of the commercially available “Mr. Fusion”.]

One more on the Oakville-Milton MLS, and it’s a GREAT deal.  Seriously… get on this one.  Almost 800 square feet for $285k is a steal.


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