It’s my birthday today… and I was in a course where over 100 top agents sung “Happy Birthday” to me.  On top of that, it’s a pretty awesome course.

Then I showed a condo where the listing agent neglected to inform me that it was already sold.  We heard from the sellers when we showed up.  🙂

Professionalism is at an all-time high in 2016.  Not.

But that being said, there are a lot of good agents out there.  And everybody makes mistakes sometimes.  So let’s crank some birthday tunes and feel good, courtesy of one of the last few living legend musicians out there.

It’s a short list today, with only three on the Toronto MLS (see green button), and three more on the Oakville-Milton MLS (here).  If I was shopping for a nice birthday gift house, I would definitely be delighted with Cedar Hedge.  The decor and finishes are top quality.

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