One of the main themes of today’s episode (besides a few horrible sets of photos) is ROOM SIZE.  Sometimes they can be listed completely wrong – I’m looking at the one on Lyle – or they can give you a TRUE sense of functional space.  For example, the home on Andrews has a higher square footage than I’d expect when I see the room sizes.  So if you’re paying for the square footage, what are you getting?  More wasted space?

Something to consider, because a lot of buyers get very fixated on the square footage instead of the actual useable room space and functionality.  Plus, I can often give a client a heads-up on a model with no photos simply by looking at the dimensions of a house.  That can be a big advantage.

Can you find the impossible to climb stairs in today’s listings?  Finally, I love how the home on Sixth Line is gorgeous without being pretentious… it’s all about subtlety!  And #3 Sideroad is very good value in the rural area west of town.