It’s May, and Spring has finally arrived… so what better way to celebrate than my annual Spring ritual of old school rap.  Plus, here’s something interesting… can you guess which homes are owned by agents?  (hint: they don’t all have stellar photography!)

Check out the maintenance fees on Costigan … oops!  There are only a handful of people that could afford that.  And we look at Hampshire Way and play the [insert joke here] game.  Send me your best one by email!

One of the homes looks like a Craigslist ad more than a house listing, and 807 Speck is one of those gems where it’s all about the street and the neighbours, not just the floor plan, bedrooms, lot and the usual stuff that people check on.

It’s not a bad list, and overall the week has been pretty good.  We had some troubles uploading the video today, but better late than never.  Have a great weekend and let us know if you’re in town and you want to see anything.

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