What an interesting day!  We’ve got a home on Bolingbroke that’s listed UNDER where most of the same model usually sells for, and then the three listings at the end are all GORGEOUS, but they’re certainly priced with a big premium in mind.

A lot of it comes down to what you’ve done in the home, and not everything gets an equal return on investment.  I mean, one of today’s listings has $4,000 in roller blinds!  Good grief, they’ll be lucky if they can get $100 extra for that.  Is it nice to have?  Absolutely, but buyers won’t pay for it.

Let’s see what happens – I always root for the guys and gals who put a really strong effort in making their home look great.  Which one do you think will sell first?  What do you think they’ll sell for?  Let me know… and have yourself a fantastic weekend!