I’ve got a bit of a jam-packed day today, so we’ll feature a “theme song” instead of a video.  Links are below.

I’m a huge late-60’s/early 70’s funk fan, and today’s tune “Open and Close” comes from an African activist and musician called Fela Kuti.  He’s a super interesting fellow, you can read more about him here.

By far, the coolest photo and feature in today’s video is the awesome Murphy bed/desk combo in the second bedroom on Costigan.

And the pool with forest behind on Freeman for $689k?  Definitely a backyard that people dream about.

Two things I’m not quite sure about:  the astroturf on Johnson, and the teardrop-shaped lot on Wilks.  Might have to marinate on those.  And it would have been nice to have some “ground” shots on the Campbellville 104 acre property.  Aerial shots are great for perspective, but on the ground is where the “heart” is.

The townhouse on Bronte also looks good for under $300k.  There’s not really much to choose from in this range, so even something half-decent will get lots of eyeballs.

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