Did you see the latest tweet from Donald Trump? He actually made a new word that will stay in our lexicon for many years to come.

It’s really a fascinating word, even though it’s just a mis-spelled version of the word “coverage”. I like the word, but still trying to figure out how to say it.

We haven’t seen a condo listed at 100 Millside for a while, and I think this one is going to do well. This building has now reached a critical mass of interest, where some of the units will sell privately, strictly based on word of mouth… very similar to another adult-friendly community at Drury Park.

And when it comes to condo fees, remember that price is what you pay, but value is what you get. The lowest fees are not always the best value for you.

103 Victoria has dropped $250,000, and it’s now at the point where I would consider it to be a strong buy. Sure, you can put some money into it, but the upside is so high on that street, which I would argue is one of the top streets in all of Milton.

And here’s the ORTIS listing that I mentioned in the beginning, with the famous people name-dropping.