The first home on today’s list is going to get some attention because it’s such a low price for a detached home at $429k. However, there are some drawbacks which I’ll discuss in the video. Is the kitchen “state of the art” as described? Or do we need to go back in the cartoon archives once again…?

The home on Landsborough sold within a couple of hours of being on the market. In all my years I have never seen such a fast-paced market in January and February. To really be on top of it, you need immediate access to homes that are listed, even before you see them here or anywhere else, and you can get that access by leaving some information at

And for the second time this month, we’re going to have to do some hand-slapping over using the term “link-detached”. They are two different types of homes! That’s like saying my car is a Honda-Toyota.

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