There’s a home on Chuchmach in today’s episode and I’m really hoping the “Street Name Policeman” isn’t watching today. 🙂 Long-time viewers will recall the street name in Milton that’s street slang for a part of your anatomy.

I’ve been waiting for a townhouse like the one on Bronte to come up in more “original” condition. There’s definitely two different markets, and I’ll explain where I think the divider is sitting right now. Either way, it’s the best way to get a townhouse and a yard, even with the extra maintenance fees.

Favourite pick of the day is Bussel. Huge lot, four bedrooms and a double garage in the $560’s. That’s insanely good value, and if it’s not a train wreck inside, it will be gone by the weekend.

Savoline was smart to put a picture of the garage and the front in their first shot. And it could be the sauna on Leitch that is demanding that premium price, or perhaps it’s the custom graffiti artwork in the basement. We’ll also take a look at how close to town Mansewood really is … and it’s under $1 Million with loads of potential.