I just spoke to a gentleman on the phone who said he’ll probably think about listing in the spring because this market just isn’t very good.  I think even some Realtors take the entire months of December and halfway through January off.  Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s just not true.  There are some good deals out there to buy, and for a seller there are some highly motivated buyers.  Great matches are made in December, and it’s one of my favourite months of the year to sell real estate.

I’ll show you more stats in future episodes that will prove my point, just in case there’s any doubt about my intentions.  🙂

We’ll also talk about how turn-key, move-in ready demands a premium and quite frankly, some of the homes in todays list are asking more than I would ever imagine them selling for.  And as we’ve talked about in many episodes… homes selling without appliances are shooting themselves in the foot.  Find out why in the video.  There are 11 listings today, including 11-acres on the outskirts of town.  Oh, and here’s the link to get daily updates of homes in any area you choose.

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