I saw a great quote today… “Scared = Wetting your pants.  Courageous = Doing what you need to do with wet pants.”

Anyway… let’s get to today’s episode.  This is a good one today.  We start off with an amazing deal on a 2-bedroom condo at 1379 Costigan overlooking greenspace, plus a double garage 4-bed with a finished basement overlooking a park that REDUCED their already low price to fire sale.  Then there’s our 1640 sq.ft. townhouse listing, with hardwood and high 9-foot ceilings.

Along the way, we’ll go over zoning maps, plus a strategic way to price a home that can double your exposure.  We call it “bridge pricing”.  By the way, did you see the last listing’s description?  “Incredibly private sensation”… I started blushing!

One last thing… Come join us for a tour of homes this weekend if you’re around (the link is just over to your right), and have a lovely day!

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