Today we’ll share an interesting and educational story about what happened with a kitchen island in a transaction a few years ago.  Plus, what do Roger Bannister and condo townhouses have in common?  Watch today’s episode and find out!

The Quincy Corner on Robson looks like a great home but there aren’t any photos yet.  Sometimes if you know enough about a property, you gain a distinct advantage by going to have a look quickly instead of just waiting passively for the photos.  By then, it could be too late.

Lots of really good homes under $400k for the first-time buyers, who have been starved with a lack of good inventory lately, and I like the detached on Yates under $500k.  Overall I’d say this is a good list, probably the best one from the last few weeks.  Finally, if you’d like a customized list of homes matching your unique criteria, go to and fill in the form.

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