This might be one of my favourite episodes in a while. I really wasn’t enjoying the lack of opportunity for buyers in a white-hot sellers market. But now that things are much more in balance, I can actually spot some good opportunities.

The best deal in the list, in my eyes, is the Hepburn semi-detached. I have a townhouse for sale just underneath this one, and I’m not afraid to say we are getting crushed.

Then they add a 60% bonus for the agent who brings the buyer (or an 800% increase compared to Clover Park)… and it’s clear they’re in it to win it. Which you have to be these days.

The house on Hawthorne is a renovated bungalow with a pool on a quiet street. That’s pretty much a bulletproof “want list” for most people. Oh, I forgot… it has a double garage, too. If this were the dating world, this home has brains, body and a pretty face… and even a sense of humour!

Stringer and Wettlaufer are both lovely homes with privacy, and if you dream of a home with either a wrestling ring or a waterslide, then you should certainly tune in and see today’s video.

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