Although it’s a quiet day with only nine properties, there’s still some noteworthy places to mention.  Besides Higginbotham, Charlton Way is easily the best street name in town (wink, wink). Come on, you have to admit… nothing beats Higginbotham. It’s just so much fun to say. I can just picture an old English gentleman with a timepiece and a bowler hat.

And there’s a super crazy smokin’ HOT deal on Hamilton Crescent. Unless they’re holding back on offers, it’s at least $20k less than I’d expect. Townhouses at the same size usually list for more, and this is a semi-detached.  Jump on it fast!

The home on White is excellent too, and I’ll tell you the location that I could never personally live with. Everyone is different though, and all it takes is one buyer. Enjoy your day!

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