I’m always fascinated when two neighbours right beside each other decide to sell.  Does one think the other one is a jerk?  Are they both jerks?  🙂

But even more amusing is what those awkward conversations must sound like.  “Sooooo… how’s the sale going?”  “Well, we actually got an offer last night.”  “Really?  Hmmm… was it the couple with the red car, or the guy with the Blue Jays jacket?  I thought they liked OUR house a lot.”  I’m sorry, but that’s got to be painfully funny.

And in other news, my favourite listings are the home on Cartwright, the Wakefield bungalow, and the amazing floor plan on Holloway.  Plus, we’ll discuss the colour you should NEVER choose from a builder, and two homes from today’s list that look like stellar deals… but unfortunately have close influences with future development.  Be careful and watch the zoning maps!  Finally, here’s an article about starter homes in Ontario, with quotes from a pretty reputable source for Milton real estate.  🙂