We don’t see many condos listed at Centennial Forest, but it’s a quiet spot just south of the Milton Mall.  Well-sized units, and a mature population makes it a great option for downsizing.  And it has one clear advantage over 100 Millside – balconies!  Although I might give the edge to Millside for location.

Nadalin Heights sold, then came back out, and now the price is down.  This one is ripe for a good buyer.  A similar sized home just sold for WAY more.  And it looks great inside.

Remember that townhouse on Costigan yesterday?  Well, there’s another one today.  This time, they actually showed the buildings behind in one of the photos.  That’s the choice an agent and seller make – are we overt and clear about an issue that may turn buyers away, or do we hide it?

One gives more showings but less quality, the other may reduce activity but the people who do come are very qualified and aware.  No right or wrong answer… but I believe that they’re going to find out about it anyway, so why try to hide anything?

Which brings us to today’s theme song.  No commentary on video today, but we have a soundtrack by the one and only Billy Joel.  Might have to listen to 52nd Street tonight on vinyl when I get home.  🙂

And LOOK!  There’s actually running water on photo #9 on Bowring.  (And Maquire has GAS!)  I wish agents would stop doing that.  With the greenspace and finished basement, Bowring is definitely priced to sell.

Pick of the Day would either be that Bowring one, or the double garage on Holdsworth with the deeper lot.

And look!  Cusick is back on the market.  It’s only around 3,000 square feet, and there are neighbours behind.  It’s a lovely home, but the ones that sell anywhere near $1.1 million or more are typically much larger with nobody behind.  It’s been listed a few times, and they always seem to aim on the high side.

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