Today is the day for bungalows in sweet locations! Ontario Street offers the potential of a non-residential property at some point, and Commercial Street is one of the better investment options I’ve seen in a while. Is it the absolute greatest rental property I’ve ever seen? Nope, but it will do if you are only interested in Milton.

Oh and that front shot on Costigan… it doesn’t exactly tell you the whole story.

Then when we look at Burrows Gate, I’ll show you one of the most irritating things that makes people move… and how they made it much better. Plus, as we take a look at the pictures, if you look closely you can have a pretty good sense of how the owners have taken care of the property… house hunting requires a little bit of detective skills!

The one on Nairn is nice, and Fourth Line might be my favourite pick under $1 million in the country.  Why?  Those dormers are lovely, and it’s not very far from town.  That’s a big plus in my eyes.

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