When people ask us about being close to train tracks, busy roads and flight paths, I usually tell them that it’s not my cup of tea. I like peace and quiet, but everybody has different values around buying a house.  What may be good for me could be horrible for someone else.

Today there’s a home on Duncan Lane that’s quite nice inside, with plenty of tasteful upgrades. But I would have a tough time living there. The train is right in front of you, unobstructed by any barriers.  In the video, I’ll share a story I heard about when these homes were built, along with a rather unfortunate furry friend who is no longer with us. Rest in peace little fella.

The most fascinating part about locations like this in Milton… they don’t appear to sell for any less than a home on a quiet, low traffic street.  The location penalty is almost statistically irrelevant.  That’s surprising to me, but it might be a symptom of a strong sellers’ market.

Homes like Hayward are surprisingly large – with plenty of living space and lots of separate zones for people to hang out and not feel like they’re “on top” of each other.

Charles Street hopes to get the juices flowing with a $150k price reduction. By my calculation, the land is worth high-six figures, and the house definitely has value as well – certainly not a knock-down – and the area is one of the prettiest in town.

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