The Chuck Pick of the Day ™ in this episode is a dandy little detached home in a relatively new area, with an old-Milton sized lot.  Plus, I’ll talk about the DOUBLE benefits of having a property in this area (hint: your neighbour has a deep lot too!).  I’m noticing lots of ambitious homes in the $400k-$430k range trying to stretch their limits, same goes for the $650k-700k range.

Finally, we’ll talk about Village townhouses, and how they typically go through cycles of “low tide” and “high tide”.  The smaller ones seem to be floating low, and the larger ones tend to be floating high.  It’s very interesting with this 3-storey style of home, because one sale can make or break the fate of the next 10 listings.  If that doesn’t make you feel socially responsible, I don’t know what will!  🙂  See you tomorrow!