I always say to people, “We don’t make the market, we interpret it.” And as experienced as we are, we still can’t predict everything. Even within our office in 2016, the phrase, “They sold for HOW MUCH?” is a regular occurence.

So two things:

  1. I think 1380 Costigan is due for a sale in the $400’s.
  2. I could be wrong. That’s why they play the Superbowl and don’t just hand over the trophy… sometimes the plan needs to come face-to-face with reality.

Either way, the game is pretty entertaining to watch. Especially when you can see the sold prices. If you’re curious about sale prices for homes like yours, be sure to request a Pin-Point Price Analysis.  We used to publish them, until an agent complained about it.  I believe revenge is a dish best served cold, don’t you?  🙂

Monaghan is a Plan 4 by Mattamy (2051 square feet) and a similar home with different colours but similar finished just sold for $700k. What will your family say when you pay more than asking? What about if you bought something for a lot less than asking? Did you win or lose? Check out today’s episode for lots of talk about how you measure success when you buy a home.

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