I’m playing a little catch-up today.  I think it’s the first time in more than six years that I’ve missed this many episodes while NOT on vacation.  I suppose we all go through this, but I’ve been feeling like Lucy at the chocolate factory.

Good news though… we sold this lovely Mississauga home for $34,000 over asking two nights ago.

So far this year we’ve added more than $600,000 in our clients’ pockets OVER their asking price… using a carefully orchestrated process, attention to detail, and market experience to create the ideal situation for our clients to succeed.

It’s a big list with 20 properties today.  Riddell will likely be a feeding frenzy because of the lot, and of course I am partial to any home on a street bearing my name (Charlton).  The same floor plan as Charlton sold recently for $570k, so it appears to be poised for action on Monday’s offer night.

Laurier appears to have a lot that gets smaller the further you go back, and the same floor plan as Scott just sold for nearly $100,000 more just a few days ago.

Finally… what the hell is on the ceiling on Seivert?

It’s clear they tried to stage it, with proof being the presence of a serving tray sitting on the corner of a bed (not practical for everyday life).  So why not take THAT down for the sale process?

Maybe Poison Ivy lives in the home?  On a side note, I know a few men that would gladly trade their life for a kiss from Uma Thurman.

You’re in the Jungle, baby!

And “Putt Putt For The Fun Of It” when you buy Gooch.

I couldn’t resist showing this clip for today’s video.  After all, it’s Throwback Thursday aka #TBT.  Watch the video and reminisce.  Those were the days…

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